250 Favorite Classic Films in no particular order
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
George, my husband… George, who is out somewhere there in the dark, who is good to me - whom I revile, who can keep learning the games we play as quickly as I can change them. Who can make me happy and I do not wish to be happy. Yes, I do wish to be happy. George and Martha: Sad, sad, sad. Whom I will not forgive for having come to rest; for having seen me and having said: yes, this will do.

Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston and director Jim Jarmusch on the set of Only Lovers Left Alive.

Happy 39th Birthday, Angelina Jolie!


Backstage at Bolshoi before Swan Lake

Photo by Vincent Perez


Grace Kelly by Loomis Dean

Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable on the set of The Misfits, photographed by Dennis Stock, 1960. 

James Dean playing with a yo-yo, 1955.
photographed by Richard C. Miller


Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, 1936


Joan Crawford on the set of Rose-Marie, 1928


Queen Christina (1933)


Behind the scenes of Powell & Pressburger’s The Red Shoes.


Roberta Bayley, Debbie Harry, 1978

Ginger Rogers in 5th Avenue Girl (1939)